There’s something new at CrossFit Sterling…

You may have noticed that we started offering a yoga class on Friday nights at 6:45PM.  Why, you ask?  Well that’s an easy question to answer.  The main reason was that we felt yoga was the perfect complement to what we do here at CrossFit Sterling.  You don’t need another strength or conditioning class.  What is needed is a dedicated time for stretching out those muscles that you’ve worked so hard all week.  We also noticed that, even though post-workout mobilization is a part of each of our classes, most people were not taking the time to focus on it.  Finally, we are first and foremost interested in injury prevention.  Injuries happen when we fail to focus on stretching.

To be clear, the type of yoga class we offer is a blend of different styles – the pace is slower than a regular power yoga class with some extended time to stretch (and strengthen) key muscle groups.  You know…shoulders, hips, hamstrings…areas that are generally tight or uncomfortable for most CrossFitters.

Our instructor, Alyson, has been amazing in adapting to our unique needs.  (Thanks to Amanda for bringing her on board!)  She continues to help us dig into those uncomfortable places and get some release and relief.  We can assure you, if you are not dedicating serious time to mobilizing and stretching on your own, there will be consequences, and none of them are good.  Yoga is one way to prevent this.  In our classes, a slower practice allows us to work our bodies in a different way than CrossFit does and it encourages us to slow down our minds as well.  This focus on the breath and being mentally quiet is not easy, but it is essential, especially in this fast-paced DC area.

So if you’re looking for something to do on a Friday night, join us for yoga!!  We’d love to have you and your body will love that you came!

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