The Open will begin exactly one month from today!!!!  We will be participating as a gym this year and will be doing each Open workout on Saturday mornings during the 9:00AM class!

If you have never heard of The Open, read more about it on CrossFit’s website here:

In a nutshell, it is a WORLDWIDE competition involving 5 workouts spanning over 5 weeks. CrossFit HQ releases the workout each week on Thursday nights, beginning Feb. 23, and everyone has until Monday night to submit their scores online. For anyone who is officially registered, you can then see and compare your scores to everyone else registered around the world – it really is the coolest concept!!

Each workout has an Rx version and a Scaled version. It is your choice if you want to officially register so that you can rank your scores each week. I highly suggest that you do!!! It is $20, and to register, follow the directions at

The workouts will challenge you no doubt, as they are some of the hardest workouts you may ever try. Yet, they are also accessible to everyone – and yes I mean everyone at our gym. We will help you scale the Scaled version if you need! One thing I can promise you is that when we say 3..2..1..Go each week, you will feel pumped with adrenaline as you try to get the highest score you can. You may PR on lifts, you may all of a sudden get a skill you haven’t been able to do, you will get a great workout and you will have fun doing it!

Logistically, the Saturday workouts will look a little different than normal. Class will start promptly at 9:00AM, with a quick warm up and workout review, and then the first heat will kick off.  The gym will be open at 8:30am for anyone who wants to come early for extra warm up/mobility ahead of time. We will pair you up so that you have someone judging you and counting reps, and then you will judge that person in the next heat. We may need to run 3+ heats depending on the workouts and equipment needed.  When you are not doing the workout, you will be cheering on your fellow athletes!

*If you are officially registered and submitting your score, you will need to be judged by an official judge. More on that later.

So what do you do now?

  1. Go to now to register!
  2. Get to classes and train hard!
  3. Eat clean, get good sleep and get pumped for Week One to kick off Feb. 23!!

I can’t wait!!  See you guys at the gym soon!

Coach Amanda



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