Inspiration comes in interesting forms.  Take the longest serving First Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt.

I’ve read a little about her recently.  One of her quotes that really struck me was the following:  “You must do the things you think you cannot do.”  Smart lady.

But how excited are we really about doing those things that scare us?  How often do we stand on the edge of that cliff looking into the unknown and retreat saying “maybe tomorrow” rather than taking a big breath and stepping off?  For me, I don’t even know that I can say I’m 50:50 on this.  Sure, it seems easier to step back, but in the end, I think we’re all sort of disappointed in ourselves when we don’t suck it up and at least try.

That’s probably how some of you feel about CrossFit.  You’ve heard the hype:  you’ll get hurt, it’s hard, CrossFit is a cult.  Whatever!!  The same thing can be said about any exercise modality that is done incorrectly.

At CrossFit Sterling, we’re very aware of how intimidating starting something new can be.  For this reason, we’ve created a course, The Basics, that enables you to learn about the foundational movements we do, how to do them correctly, and (super important) how to scale them according to your skill level.  With this knowledge, you can then integrate safely into our regular classes and find out what CrossFit is all about.  (As a side note – virtually all of our current members have been through our Basics program because they did not have previous experience with CrossFit before they joined up with us!)

So here’s the invitation – don’t let someone else decide for you whether or not you should try CrossFit.  Do the thing that you think you cannot do!  Is there a possibility this may not be for you?  Sure, but this could also be right up your alley and you wouldn’t have known without coming in.  Our next Basics course starts Monday, February 13th.  Check us out and see what you think!!  Who knows – you could make some new friends and get healthy in the meantime.

~Faithfully Yours…Coach Colleen


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