At CrossFit Sterling, we are committed to serving our local community by giving back.  In the past, we’ve been privileged to collaborate with Generosity Feeds and LAWS.  This year, we’ve decided to team up with Alternative House, a non-profit organization based in Fairfax, VA that offers a variety of programs to at risk youth (including an emergency shelter) and young mothers.

Thanksgiving usually conjures up images of families coming together to enjoy a wonderful meal and create happy memories together.  It’s a foundation of our American heritage…a Norman Rockwell moment.  However, not all families have enough extra to spend on this holiday tradition and many struggle to feed themselves on a regular basis.  The staff at Alternative House is increasingly noticing that the youth attending their programs do not have access to adequate food in their homes, let alone a filling, nutritious Thanksgiving meal.  To help these families, Alternative House would like to provide the family of each young person in their programs with a Thanksgiving food basket (or bag).  We want to join them in this effort.  You won’t believe how easy it is!!

  1. First, pick up a shopping list at our front table.
  2. Second, go shopping with your friends or family – there are only 9 total items needed.
  3. Third, put all of the items in a bag or basket – for a low cost, you can purchase a reusable bag at one of the grocery stores.
  4. Fourth, drop off the bag at CrossFit Sterling by November, 17, 2016.

We believe that by serving others we get outside of ourselves and gain an appreciation for the tremendous blessings and abundance that we experience on a daily basis.  We hope that you and your family will join us this year to bring some joy and blessing to those who truly need it.

Faithfully Yours – Colleen


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