Our mission is to create a community that cultivates transformation in our members lives. We believe this is possible through our supportive, nonjudgmental environment, our caring coaches and our smart, effective workouts.

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“I have become stronger, not only physically, but mentally: the existence of this supportive and non-judgmental environment leaves no room for my self-deprecating comments or trying to justify why I can’t do something. I have measurable results – dropping 27lbs in 7 months since being allowed to workout out post-partum, doing it with a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and on top of that, I’ve been able to participate in community building events that Crossfit Sterling provides.”

Jax. F.

“Just one hour prior to writing this, I did my first bar muscle up; when I walked in for the first time, I thought something like that would never happen for me. Moreover, I can do pullups, cleans, squats, and a number of other things that I certainly could not do when I walked in the door for the first time.
I’ve completed a dietary program that, on Day 1, I could never have envisioned completing and will soon finish it for a second time.
I’ve built friendships that don’t exist in a normal gym, with both the coaches and with other members; those relationships are a big factor in my desire to make it to the gym as often as possible.
I’ve gained the motivation to not be complacent in acceptance of the idea that I can’t be physically fit. I have dropped weight, added muscle and have learned that I (read: YOU) CAN DO IT!”

Kevin M.

“CrossFit has made such a profound impact on my life. I’ve had successes inside of the gym… lifting heavier, running faster, moving quicker, but I feel like all of those are expected. What I wasn’t expecting was the impact on me as a person and life in general. I’ve found more confidence, pride in myself and my accomplishments, abilities I never knew I had, a community who supports me both in and out of the gym, amazing friends, coaches who care about your strengths and weaknesses and work with you every step of the way, a whole family!”

Stacy J.

Crossfit Sterling

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45945 Center Oak Plaza
Suite 175
Sterling, VA 20166

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